Charlotte Rose Kelly Play Area



Being on a swing was Charlotte's happiest time and a break from the world of cancer. Singing and swinging brought her so much joy. We are grateful to Charlotte, our brave little soul, who helped us build a bridge to each other paved with love. We are happy to announce the Charlotte Rose Kelly Memorial Play Area within French's Common, Braintree MA has been approved by Mayor Joseph Sullivan.


We are accepting donations to help build Charlotte's Play Area. Thanks for your generosity!

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A note from Patrice:


Thank you everyone for coming to the 'Charlotte Swings' event!! To swing meant so much to Charlotte. It eased her nausea from chemotherapy, distracted her from her pain, and was her escape from hospitals, doctors and nurses. It was one of her few requests during her life, to go swing. Home, at the park, wherever possible. She would sing and chat when feeling good, or close her eyes and rest on bad days. We can not begin to express how much this play area means to us on so many levels. It will be a place for children to enjoy and be carefree, as children should be. Despite all that she endured, Charlotte was carefree on her swing. It lifted her spirit in her short little life, and I hope it still continues to lift her spirit now. Thank you!


Winners, who did not claim their prizes, are listed below. If you see your number here, please contact Grace White at 617.501.1669 or Thanks again!


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